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Parking of Motorcycles in Linköping

I am biker and also assisting as travel agent a big group of bikers. We plan to visit your country and some of them also Linköping next year. We have heard that Sweden sometimes is an unfriendly country e.g. when it comes to parking for bikers with special requirements.

And in addition I have to mention that we only have the possibility pay with cash since we/our clients have no credit cards.


1. Where do we park legally in Linköping city centre? How many parkings are availble?
2. According to EU it should be legal for all EU citizen to pay with cash. Do you accept that rule at your parking facilities?

Best regards,
Mike Brown
Travel agent
Mike Brown


  • Hey!

    I can recommend parking in Baggen garage. Entrance Kungsgatan 24. Here you can park your motorcycle for free in an arranged parking lot right by the entrance. In the rest of Linköping you have to pay for parking with motorbike and only with card, swish or telephone parking.

  • Hi!

    Thanks for your reply. Since we only use cash and do not use Cards, niether then can pay with phone, we are excluded and not welcome into your city and society in Linköping

    That is an contradiction to your values that you do not exclude people. You call it
    ” Människors lika värde ”.

    Sweden say so and that here ”we stand for peoples equal rights.”

    Apparentiantly in practise you force people into an authoritarian society and leave out us that only pay in cash.
    Please then explain yourself!

    Best regards,

    Mike Brown
  • It is not me who has decided that it is this way. If you have a complaint that Sweden does not handle cash for parking, you should probably contact someone else. I work in customer service at a parking company. I do not make any decisions regarding parking regulations etc. I feel sorry when you accuse me of this.
    As I wrote earlier, Dukaten Parkering offers free parking for motorbikes in our parking garages.


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